About Us

Hi there, I am the founder of an online fashion store. We mainly focus on all over print clothing, tumblers, quilts, and doormats. My company was founded in 2021, and we are on the way to providing services to customers in other parts of the world. My store was created to provide you with a unique and fun online experience. I strive to bring you high-quality products for the lowest possible prices. As a new entrepreneur, I want to provide something that is different than what other stores offer. I want to provide you with quality products at competitive prices.


Our Mission

Theprovengroup is on a mission to provide trendy, quality clothes for people of all ages and budgets. Whether youre shopping for boho dresses and graphic tees or patterned blouses and chic swimwear, we are always trying our best to meet your needs. Through this store, the team aims to consistently provide our customers with stylish products at an affordable price—soon spanning the globe. Who is the target segment — females in Vietnam and the world.